Moving from Toronto to Frankfurt for my MBA
Full-time MBA / 4 April, 2019
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Full-time MBA Class of 2019
Zarifa is a Full-time MBA candidate with a background in sales & marketing.

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When I made the decision to apply to a business school, I was ready to be challenged. Having had an impact on my previous roles and going through multiple learning curves along the way—I still felt that something was missing. I wanted to make lasting contributions in my future workplace, become a better leader—and most importantly, learn from the valuable experience of others.  Like most other MBA hopefuls, I wanted to find a B-school that was aligned with my values and that would provide me with a competitive edge. For me, the clear choice was Frankfurt School.

Moving from Canada to Germany

It was no easy to task to move half way across the world, but the prospect of studying in the financial heart of Europe was very appealing. Most importantly, I felt that having an MBA from Germany would set me apart from my counterparts for three main reasons:

  • Excellence in research and education quality
  • Global relevance
  • The opportunity to immerse myself in a new culture and learn another language

Advantages of the program

My most invaluable takeaways from my time here at Frankfurt School have been from collaborating with my peers, the practical relevance of the coursework, and the dedicated career services team.

High Diversity

There are multiple nationalities, industries and domains of expertise represented in my program, which have provided me with many valuable insights. The diversity of the cohort has taught me a great deal on how to interact in cross-cultural settings, as well as given me the opportunity to learn more about different cultures and their approaches to business. Learning from my peers from various backgrounds, have also added tremendous value to my experience. I may not have had such a similar experience, had I not taken the leap to move to Germany.

The practical courses have given me a much deeper understanding of several topics in management, and unlike in my previous degree; all topics were taught with a focus on managerial decision making. I am now able to understand the unique business challenges faced by different industries and feel I have the strategic toolkit to help analyze data to make impactful decisions.

Lastly, the career services team at Frankfurt School place heavy emphasis on helping you position yourself for a new career in Germany. From useful workshops, to one on one counseling sessions—They provide you with valuable insights to help you succeed in the German market, and beyond.

All of these reasons are why I chose to move to Germany and join the Frankfurt School Full-time MBA, and I would encourage those who are looking to set themselves apart—to do the same.