Pursuing my Full-time MBA with determination
Full-time MBA / 16 November 2021
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Full-time MBA Class of 2022
Hernan has six years of work experience in the environmental and telecommunications industries supporting the finance and accounting department as an Accountant for the International Region.

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Since I joined the International Region at Zayo Group a few years ago, I realized how impactful some companies are in the world. As someone who moved from El Salvador to the United States, I have developed my adaptability skill. Having this openness to new situations, places and cultures gave me the opportunity to discover a new world in my personal and professional life. With the determination of acquiring further necessary tools and knowledge that our business and society demand, I decided to start a Full-time MBA.

After coming across different business schools, I found that Frankfurt School offers one of the best MBA programmes in Europe. One fact that captured my attention was the triple crown accreditations. In addition, the incredible international networking opportunities are a great element that eventually determined my decision of studying at Frankfurt School.

New insights into the globe

My years of experience in the United States gave me valuable knowledge and insights that make a clear statement of where I want to go personally and professionally. For example, meeting people from different work and cultural backgrounds helped me attain more insights and keep an open mind to diversity and inclusion. I am confident that the MBA programme at Frankfurt School will help me gain new knowledge, which I will be able to apply in business and personal level.

One of my professional goals is to focus on the managerial finance sector, and I am looking forward to the modules in finance and technology. The Full-time MBA programme fits simply perfect with my academic needs, and I am sure it will help me be more aware of the global situation of markets and interact with other professionals from around the world and diverse backgrounds.

Professional environment and networks

The Full-time MBA programme at Frankfurt School has been great since the beginning. The opening ceremony made me feel like I really belong here, and you start making close connections with professionals with the same passion for business as you. There is an environment of professionalism, fun and learning. Then, the programme offers an amazing leadership camp outside of the city. Personally, this is one of my favourite parts since there is the chance to start losing the fear to interact with others. At the same time, you learn the skills of how to become a good leader that will eventually be the head of a team or company.