My Full-time MBA: First Semester Reflections
Full-time MBA / 29 January 2021
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Full-time MBA Class of 2021
Yanran is currently studying in the Full-time MBA Programme at Frankfurt School. She worked as Assistant to Executives in multinational telecom corporations with years of experience in marketing, project management and key account management.

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Why Frankfurt School? Why Germany?

My interest in Frankfurt School’s Full-time MBA programme started nine years ago when I studied as an exchange student in Germany. Making the decision to join Frankfurt School was a simple one, it was just like having chemistry with the right person. As globalization continues to evolve, the business interaction between Germany and China will become stronger, and people who are familiar with the culture and business environments of both countries will be in greater demand. This naturally gravitated me to seek an MBA in Germany and Frankfurt School was the perfect fit.

In addition to Frankfurt School’s strong reputation, high ranking, and attractive location in central Europe, I was impressed by the lovely recruitment manager and alumni I talked with during online info session, the professor who interviewed me, the whole strict but candidate-friendly applying process, as well as its website and online application system (as a person with marketing experience I am kind of picky for that), they all showed that FS has high standards for itself and is looking for the best candidates. I believe that being part of the MBA Programme at Frankfurt School will be a life-changing experience as well as a great chance to challenge myself and refresh my skills. After studying for one intensive and fulfilling semester, I am confident that I have made the right choice.

Preparing for a career transition

After my MBA, I plan to work in strategy and consulting. My past work experience involved following and implementing the decisions made by executives. However, I want to develop a deeper understanding of the logic behind the decision making of C-suite executives. This provides a solid foundation for a successful career transition to strategy, in order to create more value for the company, the community, and society.

In the first semester, I found many courses contributing to my growth. In our Global Economy course with Professor Löchel, I learned recognition and interpretation of macroeconomic developments including policies particularly regarding business decisions, helping me develop a big picture view in complex situations. In Competitive Strategies with Professor Klingebiel, I made a strategy analysis utilizing strategic models. From Managerial Data Science with Professor Bleier, I acquired business analytic skills allowing for data-driven decision making which is crucial for management.

Part of the MBA experience is also the events. I enjoyed the Alumni Sharing events hosted by Career Services and Executives Talk, which provided me with networking opportunities and chances to learn from the professionals across different industries. Frankfurt School is creating a path for my career goals by enriching me with not only the systematic theoretical knowledge of business management but also the practical skills and hands-on experience applicable to the fast-changing business environment.

Benefits of peer learning in an MBA

The best thing about our MBA are the talented peers from various backgrounds, bringing our own professional experiences to exchange ideas. The first-hand experiences are especially valuable for those, like me, preparing for a career transition to a new industry and function.

Our cohort is a big family, always willing to contribute and support one another. For example, one of my colleagues provided presentation skills workshops outside of our Presentation Skills course with Professor Rosen, where we had a chance to practice and get feedback from other MBA colleagues. Our class speakers are also organizing new courses taught by peers, including PMP certification overview, Negotiation techniques, and practice, Fundamentals of IT industry, etc.

Studying at Frankfurt School is an investment for my future business career and it is the best investment I have made. I am looking forward to new adventures in the second semester!