Technical building equipment: actively pursuing the transition to alternative energy
Executive Education / 13 February 2020
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Digitalisation is driving the ever-accelerating transformation of technical building equipment. For many reasons – such as energy efficiency, “Building 4.0” and new specifications – the technical building equipment industry is on a non-stop quest for executives with the skills to implement these changes successfully. Consequently, the Federal Industrial Association for Technical Building Equipment (Bundesindustrieverband Technische Gebäudeausrüstung – BTGA) has joined forces with Frankfurt School (FS) to develop a new work/study programme entitled “Certified Technical Building Equipment Manager”.

The industry association

Founded in 1898, BTGA is one of the oldest trade associations in Germany. Today, it is one of the most important organisations in the building technology sector, mainly representing companies that specialise in building facilities intended for industrial purposes.

For the future, BTGA is committed to technological progress. For example, an article published in 2017 in a special illustrated edition of business magazine Wirtschaftsbild produced in collaboration with and, above all, about BTGA was entitled “Digitalisation is the Future”. Even then, the association was already focusing on areas of development such as cogeneration (combined heat and power), digital connectivity between building technologies, and smart buildings. BTGA’s brand video further illustrates the association’s commitment to the (urgently required) transition to alternative energy sources and new ways of thinking about buildings and building technologies.

The common goal: an energy-efficient future

The association entered into partnership with Frankfurt School with the aim of preparing executives working in the technical building equipment industry for upcoming challenges.

Like many other industries, the building technology sector is facing the need to find its own solutions to current social and economic changes. The partnership has produced a tailor-made certification course for the sector; a second iteration is due to appear imminently.

Frankfurt School’s lecturers give students the specialist knowledge they need to deal with technical demands that evolve from one year to the next. Apart from our outstanding credentials in finance and management, we also excel in areas such as sustainability, digital transformation and corporate governance. Consequently, course participants learn to tackle the challenges of our time while taking full advantage of the associated opportunities, as well as developing and enhancing their leadership skills. BTGA has years of experience in the field and sets the curricular priorities. The certification course is a welcome addition to existing training building technology courses, most of which have a technical emphasis.

The curriculum includes 25 days of seminars covering a wide variety of topics such as project management, trends & digitalisation, and executive management, all supported by extensive multimedia resources. The certification course is intended for future managers in the construction industry who wish to develop and perfect their technical and methodological expertise as they prepare for executive roles. The professional development course was launched in March 2019 on the Frankfurt School campus and will enter its second year on March 17, 2020.

For further details of the certification course, please visit our website.