The Value Added of choosing a Full-Time Programme
Full-time MBA / 17 April, 2018
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Full-time MBA Class of 2018
Manuel is currently a student of the full-time MBA programme at Frankfurt School. Before entering the programme, he worked for Euler Hermes AG and served as Deputy Head of the company’s Berlin Liaison Office. Manuel started out his career in PwC’s Finance & Regulation Advisory practice in 2010.

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Before deciding on a particular MBA programme, you have to choose between a full-time or part-time approach. More often than not, this is a challenging but decisive decision. Before choosing, the pros and cons of both the options should be carefully evaluated.

Pursuing a full-time MBA often comes with leaving a job. Even if leaving for a good reason, it bears the risk of giving up a job. Therefore, full-time candidates might find it harder to justify a MBA programme in the first place. However, there can be a way out. If the willingness to leave an employer is low or the risk of giving up a job is perceived as too high, an alternative option could be a sabbatical. Even though less risky, the employer’s possible perception of this wish should be considered in advance. In any case, the MBA should fit into your career path. When choosing a full-time programme, this aspect is of even greater importance as the on-the-job development will rest for 12 months.

Besides the relationship with the employer and the timing, the financial aspect has to be considered. Even if the tuition fee for a full-time programme might be slightly less than for a part-time programme, the opportunity costs of not working for 12 months are much higher.

 My main motivation for a full-time MBA

Despite these aspects, I chose a full-time MBA programme. My main motivation for an MBA was my own personal development. I have the impression that a full-time programme offers students the possibility to pay their full attention to the programme without being distracted in the attempt to simultaneously meet the employer’s expectations. The focus for us is clear and singular. At the same time, the change of scenery allows us to re-evaluate our current situation or past career paths and think about possible or necessary future changes.

Think outside of the box, be creative and build your own business network (it is all about networking..)

In addition, a full-time programme makes way and provides time to develop new ideas and analyse as well as discuss issues and problems from different angles. Something you might miss out on in a work environment due to time and workload constraints. The additional time and constant close contact with fellow students create a good setting for in-depth relationship building and the resources to heavily invest into my own network. Furthermore, a full-time programme enables us to participate on a regular basis in a variety of events organised by the school’s Career Services department.

Seven months into the MBA, I look back and see that I made the right decision for myself in choosing a full-time MBA programme.  🙂