THINK! Summit 2016 - Conference on the FS Campus
Study / 16 December, 2015
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Geschäftsführerin der SOS-Kinderdörfer
Sabine Fuchs ist Geschäftsführerin der SOS-Kinderdörfer Global Partner GmbH. Sie berät und betreut Unternehmen in allen Fragen des gesellschaftlichen Engagements. Zuvor war sie als Geschäftsführerin für Marketing und Fundraising an der EBS Universität.

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Why is SOS-Kinderdörfer concerned with the issue of “talent”?

And why will the THINK! Summit 2016 // Got Talent? be taking place at the construction site of the new campus of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management gGmbH? A very good question, which gives rise to speculation: does SOS-Kinderdörfer have an interest in young FS talent? Does SOS-Kinderdörfer want to develop or extend its talents with us at FS?Does SOS really just want donations? Where is the content link? Admittedly, the answer is far from obvious: Yes, SOS-Kinderdörfer concerns itself with the issue of “talent” – more behind the scenes than publicly.We have a really big challenge when it comes to youth unemployment.And that’s true worldwide, in more than 134 countries on five continents.How will we succeed in discovering and promoting the talents of our SOS children and creating the basis for a self-determined and happy life?Clearly, this is mostly not a case of achieving an executive position – our children cannot always shake off their traumatic experiences easily.The primary objective for our young people is to be able to take care of their own livelihoods later on and – most importantly – also do something they enjoy and are really good at.Isn’t that what makes a talent?

Talent search and talent development: present and future

The THINK! Summit is a series of events of SOS-Kinderdörfer Global Partner, a wholly owned subsidiary of SOS-Kinderdörfer worldwide.We exclusively serve companies – such as DHL, P & G, Henkel, REWE, CEWE, Siemens, Commerzbank, etc. We take up subjects which concern us as well as businesses, and we look for solutions together.Not just for the here and now, but especially for the future.What talents will be in demand in the year 2035 and beyond? Will talents really still be needed, or will our machines be smart enough by then to allow us to have a relaxing – but boring – daily life?And what does that mean? To ask these questions of a talent maker such as Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and to discuss them with future researchers, scientists, practice representatives and young people – that’s what excites us as SOS-Kinderdörfer Global Partner.We invite you – students, professors, friends of Frankfurt School – to conduct this dialogue.In a unique location, the new campus of Frankfurt School, which for us means awakening, creativity and inspiration. Registration is now open.