True leaders will shine in these crises!
Executive Education / 1 April 2020
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Ute Bühler, has accumulated vast experience in technical fields as well as leadership during her professional career in UniCredit Bank. Holding various managerial positions, She was responsible with training and team coaching, with an emphasis on leadership, sales strategies, customer service, and achieving targets. Since 2014, she has been working as an independent trainer, coach and mediator, amongst others for Frankfurt School. In 2018, Ms. Bühler lectured at the Women’s Leadership Academy. In this new capacity, she teaches various leadership training courses, amongst others in the following areas: change management, negotiation skills, communication, human resources management and development, general and strategic leadership.

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Be it male or female, managers or leaders, leaders are leaders.

To be out of control versus to be under control

As leaders, we can be a source of inspiration to those around us; we can guide others to draw on their inner strength & innovation and face their challenges with courage and by being proactive.

I have been coaching leaders for the past 5 years at Frankfurt School. Rarely, do we come across a situation as the one that we are currently facing. In these times, true leaders will shine. Leadership in not only leading a company or team but also being able to adapt and come up with an effective plan to deal with these types of situations.

In my coaching sessions at the Women’s Leadership Academy and Leadership Winter Academy, I share a collection of content to help you help others navigate uncertainty in a crisis. Among other topics, in these sessions, we deal with how to lift up others. I will also provide you with tools that are effective for continuous motivation to your staff as well as focus on companies’ goals during challenging periods. Many of us have been pushed to work from home because of COVID-19. Nobody had a plan, or let’s say, nobody imagined that this situation would arise. It can be difficult for many of us to work remotely and keep our chins up when the world feels as though it is heading towards an apocalypse. It is the job of the leaders to maintain high spirits among the team. There are many tools and techniques, which can help you motivate your respective teams.

Management of decentralized teams

The world will likely not go back to what it was four months ago for another two to three years. The management of decentralized teams will remain an issue. The most important things to keep in mind consist of monitoring, reporting on meetings, delegating and transferring tasks as well as having difficult conversations that need to be conducted even in home office. These are very challenging issues and need to be handled with high efficiency. We advise to come up with an effective communication strategy to communicate with your teams and not to forget to be empathetic.

Let’s face it, many people are facing challenges on how to organize their work in the most efficient way so that both they and the company can benefit. This also means that it is difficult to give a meaningful structure and vision. Leaders should equip themselves with these skills and Frankfurt School has been forthcoming on how to deal with them in their trainings.

Communication Management

It can often be difficult to communicate with the team members on digital tools. It is important to develop a communication strategy that works upwards, horizontal and downwards; and even more, what you can do to optimize your conversations in a 1:1 and in teams. If you understand different reactions, it will be much easier to adapt to the most diverse interlocutors.

Excellent leaders are open to feedback and are able to provide constructive feedback regularly to their staff. Giving feedback, both positive and critical, is and remains a key task for executives. Further, throughout the session, we will explore your conflict attitude and behavior. It will be good for you to know, implement and solve your conflict skills professionally.

I look forward to welcoming you in one of my courses!