Why I commute to Frankfurt from Ghana for the Executive MBA
Executive MBA / 3 July, 2019
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Executive MBA Class of 2020
Benjamin worked with multinationals in Sales & Distribution in Ghana before joining the program.

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As firm believer of the notion that “the illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn” by Alvin Toffler. Thus, the pathway to be relevant in the changing competitive environment was to pursue a higher education. With over ten years of valuable work experience with specialisation in sales and distribution for multinational organizations in Ghana, sub-Saharan Africa; for me, the executive MBA is the perfect platform where I can join peers with similar or diverse professional backgrounds to share experiences, learn and inspire each other whilst building a lasting network.

Why Frankfurt School in Germany

Coming from a country where most people opt to pursue MBAs in the United Kingdom & United States, I am mostly confronted with the question “Why an EMBA in Germany?” And my simple response has been that the captivating lure of Frankfurt School convinced me to choose Germany as my destination.

Believing that if it must be done, it must be done, well enabled me to do thorough research before settling on Frankfurt School as my choice for an Executive MBA. Frankfurt school is one of the few pioneering schools to have made MBA programmes in Germany gain global recognition. The structure of the programme offers flexibility for modules missed due to extenuating circumstances to be retaken with the subsequent year class. Its lifelong alumni programme allows any alumnus to join any module of choice to refresh or share real work challenge for solution by the class really made impression on me

Furthermore, German university education has a high reputation across the globe, hence a master in Germany offers me the global recognition and the opportunity and to get first-hand knowledge about the efficient work ethics Germans are noted for in the world.

What has been the challenge?

Commuting to Frankfurt has been an arduous but exhilarating journey. Being a family man with two kids and worker in Ghana, attending regular classes Frankfurt am Main has been financially demanding but worthwhile. With detailed planning, desire and encouragement from family and friends have steered me on and I am almost through with the 2nd semester of the three semester programme. Four months into the programme, I had to give up my job which was difficult to do considering the security it provides for myself and dependencies but with hindsight, it was a good decision which has given me the opportunity to refocus and explore other parts of my life that I had not give much attention. My wife has been very supportive throughout the journey so far.

Is it worth the risk?

Before deciding to enrol on this program, I read couple of articles advising prospective students on the pros and cons about MBAs. I knew of friends who had also quit their jobs, went to do their master’s and are back in Ghana struggling to make ends meet. These stories evoke fear in me and I kept asking myself if am taking the right decision.

But enrolling for the Executive MBA programme, I have had the opportunity to reconnect with myself and spark a new energy within. Furthermore, my presence on this programme has expanded my professional network that I can leverage in the future. The network has also enhanced my cultural awareness of different nationalities as we worked together in various teams. The effect of the Executive MBA programme on my development has been immense so far and I can confidently say it is worth the time and resources as it urges me closer to my career aspiration.