Working and Studying as a Brit in Germany
Master of Finance / 7 November 2020
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Master of Finance Class of 2021
Max works as a Senior Associate at KPMG whilst studying finance at the Frankfurt School.

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Before Frankfurt, I studied German and history with a year abroad, giving me an opportunity to continue my passion for history and also learn a language from scratch. Moving to Frankfurt in June 2019, I have since had the opportunity to work part-time whilst continuing to develop my skills in finance and German.

Here are some of the key takeaways from my German experience:


The curriculum for students, both with and without a finance background, creates a supportive and encouraging environment to get to grips with key finance concepts through the many weekly classes. The teachers are fantastic at utilising their knowledge of industry, including personal experience, and through connections with those students currently working in Frankfurt, to give industry relevance to the topics covered.

Student Experience

The student experience at Frankfurt School is well-crafted, with a wealth of students from a diverse range of backgrounds, involved in a variety of initiatives, from sport, to societies, and business activities. Indeed, this has given me the opportunity to gain insights into German cultural events (with weekly opportunities to attend events and visit cities around Germany). In addition, having only started with German when I was 18, I have been able to build on my understanding and confidence in the language and now have greater insight into German culture.

The campus itself is effective in operating as a hub to connect with fellow students, and crucially operates to open the door to opportunities with future employers. Due to the strong connections Frankfurt School has with the finance community in Frankfurt, students have many employment opportunities, either as an intern or as a working student.

The 3-day model

The 3-day model allows you to study at one of the best universities in Europe, whilst also giving you the freedom to work. I have worked for over a year in Frankfurt, giving me valuable insight into my interest in finance, whilst practicing and coming face to face with German in a business environment. Working and studying is widely practised in Germany, allowing for greater freedom to learn on the job, with employers willing to give you the space to learn and to develop professionally. The well-established intern and working-student culture in the German regions opens opportunities not afforded in the same way in the UK.

If you are from the UK and looking to study abroad, Europe offers a fantastic opportunity to gain insight into continental culture and a different experience to a traditional British university.

More specifically, at Frankfurt School you will find yourself at the centre of Europe’s finance community.  Frankfurt is globally seen as the central hub of Europe’s finance.  Frankfurt School puts you at the very heart of this unique opportunity.