A Spaniard Studying and Working in Frankfurt
Master of Finance / 8 October 2020
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Master of Finance Class of 2021
Lucas is a Master of Finance student originally from Spain. Before starting at Frankfurt School he graduated with a double degree in international business from the University of Valencia and Hochschule Heilbronn. He currently works alongside his studies at Commerzbank.

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Moving to Frankfurt am Main is something that I regard as one of my best choices. As a Spaniard coming from the beautiful Valencian coast, my journey for personal development started already four years ago, when initially I planned two years abroad. But as many things in life, plans change, and you strive for bigger aims than initially planned. Honestly speaking, since I arrived, I have never really felt away. Many of my closest friends here come from Spain or Hispanic countries. In Frankfurt you can really feel at home while being abroad, getting the best of both worlds. Besides, its international character gets reinforced through the community at Frankfurt School. Our university is a gateway to the world through its many partnerships and companies around the globe.

Frankfurt School Network

One of the biggest advantages of the Frankfurt School is its connection with the industry. Theory meets practice. During the year we have the pleasure to get insights directly from highly skilled professionals. Besides that, big career events are organized, so that students can directly contact the cooperating companies of their interest and ask questions on how to ace their portfolio. Furthermore, if you have concerns about the quality of the documents required during any application, as well as interview preparations and tips, the Frankfurt School offers students assistance through their career services. Finally, there are exclusive job positions only accessible to students in our community, which can be view on the JobTeaser portal.

Class Structure and Times

The classes follow a 3-day model, meaning that all your lectures will take place either: Monday, Tuesday & Saturday or Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Class schedules vary depending on actual circumstances, but the most typical schedule is having two classes a day, each lasting 3 hours (including its 15-minute breaks). Classes are typically allocated in the morning slots, so from approximately 9 am to 5 pm. This of course allows many students to work at least three days a week. In Germany it is quite common to hire “working students”. Working student positions are meant for students that work a certain amount of days and hours per week in addition to their studies, having their major focus still on studying but having the opportunity of acquiring relevant experience in their area of interest.

Time Management whilst Working and Studying

For me, as a Master of Finance (MoF) and working student at Commerzbank AG, I could have never imagined how my skillset and knowledge would change so much in just one year. It is a constant learning process every week at university and at work. Both my classmates and colleagues are always willing to help me if sometimes I am stuck with anything. This makes it easy to ask questions without any concerns and at the same time allows you to understand topics on the spot. Sometimes it of course gets challenging, especially if you are new to such a model or when exams arrive. I was totally new to this model and learned how to appropriately manage my time and completely enjoy both sides of my education (university and work) promptly. In addition, my colleagues at work have always been very flexible with me when exams were approaching, and I could take days off in order to appropriately rock my tests!

Learning the German Language

For those of you worried about German language level, we have you covered. Frankfurt School offers intensive German courses to those interested. As in any country, knowing the local language is a plus because it shows your adaptability to new environments. However, Frankfurt and Germany in general are very international and it is no wonder that most master students find a job before even finishing their degree.

For anyone considering seizing the opportunity but maybe still with some doubts, just join the events that are offered to get insights and talk to actual students. I myself am an Ambassador at Frankfurt School and am willing to answer any question you might have!