The Global Investment Banking Valuation Olympiad 2015
Study / 16 July, 2015
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MoF class of 2016
Marijana is a Master of Finance student at Frankfurt School

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1011657-1020669100 teams from around the world, among them prestigious business schools, participated in the first round of the Global Investment Banking Valuation Olympiad which is organized in partnership with Greensea Capital, an independent investment bank focusing on sustainable investments, like Clean Energy, Agriculture, and Education Sectors. Of the initial 100 teams only twenty reached the second round and only ten teams will be invited to the final stage at the London office of Greensea Capital in September this year.

The Global Investment Banking Valuation Olympiad is a three-stage competition where we first had to pass an online Business Valuation Test. After successfully completing the first round, my team and me had to submit an M&A case study, containing an investment memorandum, various company valuations and financial models (DCF, CCA, financial projections and accretion/dilution analysis) as well as a final presentation. As recently submitted our elaborations, we now have to wait for the results
After reaching the final stage, the top ten teams will be presenting their pitch in London in front of Greensea Capital and the winning team will then be invited to an awarding ceremony.
The most challenging part of the competition was to find an appropriate M&A case which is not only feasible but more important innovative and future-oriented. After deciding to combine the automotive industry with the telematics market we prepared all required documents by splitting the work into different tasks. As Germany is one of the leading countries in the automotive market, we deemed our chosen company appropriate to represent this branch of the German industry.
As Frankfurt School supports students to take part in various challenges such as the Valuation Olympiad, my team and me are grateful for our university’s unwavering financial and professional support. Lastly, I want to thank my team for the collaborative cooperation during the stages.