Starting in 2017: New Marketing Concentration in the BSc
Bachelor / 10 October, 2016
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Programme Director, Bachelor of Science
Dr. Matthias Catón is Frankfurt School's Programme Director for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. The programme has eight concentrations and more than 800 students, roughly half of all students on Campus in Frankfurt. A political scientist by training, he has held positions in different organizations, including academia, an intergovernmental organization, and the World Economic Forum.

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The Frankfurt School Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is growing! Not only did we welcome yet another record intake of 268 new students last month, but we’re also expanding our program. From 2017 onwards we offer a new Concentration in the field of Marketing, which raises the number of Concentrations to eight.

Marketing is a core function of modern companies. Some even say it is the essence of business. It’s an exciting and very diverse field to work in and an area that is constantly evolving. New technologies offer possibilities that were unthinkable not long ago. Companies can use Big Data to analyze their customers’ needs and communicate with them through social media platforms. At the same time, these technologies have empowered consumers and resulting in entirely different demands for marketing departments.

As with all Concentrations in Frankfurt School’s BSc in Business Administration program, students will get a solid foundation in all areas of management plus in-depth knowledge of marketing and sales.

The Concentration will be entirely taught in English, which means that it is attractive not only to German students wishing to pursue a global career but also to international students who don’t speak German.

For more information, go to Frankfurt School’s website.