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How I Mastered Public Speaking at Frankfurt School

June 19, 2017
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Most of us have had to speak in front of an audience in our lives. It might be official meetings, conferences, or just a toast on a wedding. Either way, nobody likes to do it. And neither did I.

I don’t remember the moment when I finally decided to sign up for the course “Mastering Public Speaking” at Frankfurt School, but I do remember my doubts. I was not sure whether I would be able to do improvised speeches and whether this course would help me improve my skills. But most importantly, I was scared.


For my whole life, I was afraid of the stage. Since early childhood, it was my greatest and unbeatable fear. And yet some part of me was eager to make a change, to overcome my fears and get out of my comfort zone.

I don’t clearly remember the moment when I clicked the mouse and booked a place in this course – but that was the moment for which I am thankful now.

At the workshop weekend, I completed three improvised speeches and one prepared. I got a lot of feedback, and I suddenly realized that I could do it! I still feel scared and stressed every time I need to speak, but now I know that even if you think that your speech was a total disaster, there will be people who like it, no matter what.

The course, and in particular the weekend workshop, inspired me to keep going, to keep practicing and to find new possibilities to give a speech. The ability to speak well is not a talent, it is a skill, which you can learn if you practice enough.

After watching and evaluating so many speeches, it suddenly occurred to me that we can implement all the theory we had learned. Moreover, it should be applied to deliver a magnificent speech.  I was relieved to see that other students had the same fears as I did and I was excited to see all of us improve so much. Last, but not least I got to know new people. During this workshop, we did not only work on our speeches, but we also communicated with others, shared impressions and opinions we had. After a long day full of work we met and shared experience in an informal atmosphere. As an exchange student, I did not know most of the class when I started this course. But by the time I finished it, I felt that I got to know my fellow students in a deeper way than in a normal class.

“Mastering Public Speaking” is a place where you can enhance your speaking skills without being scared to fail because you know that your audience is more than just friendly, that everybody is willing to help you and give advice. This alone makes you more confident.

The course is a great possibility to challenge yourself, get to know other people and learn from them. You will leave with improved skills and full of memories from the intense days of the workshop weekend!

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